It all begins with an idea.

We at Texas Classic Custom Homes intentionally listen to your wish and dream list for your future home and work side-by-side to turn that into a blueprint and specifications for your new home that fits within your budget and lifestyle.

We do everything but finance the build. We design, get engineering, pull permits, guide you through the selection process for interior/exterior fixtures, and walk you through valuable tips and tricks for maintaining your brand new home.

Dream it.

We will work with you to get it all out on paper and then help find the most cost effective way to get it all into your custom home. Affordable, luxury, and custom are within your fingertips.


Build it.

Building a custom home is a process and no two homes are the same. We are not a tract home builder and we do not reuse plans. Great things take time but within reason.

Move into it.

The most exciting day for both of us, but it’s just the start of a decade or more of our relationship.